5 Slot Machine Strategies That Will Make You Win Big

This may not be surprising, but in case you didn’t know, slot machines are everywhere, and they don’t plan on going anywhere, anytime soon at least. From hotels, bars, restaurants, cruise ships, online sites, to even the airport in Las Vegas, you can’t hide from them. And there’s a good reason why they’re everywhere, and that’s simply because so many people love playing them. People play slot machines more than any other game on the casino floors as well as the casinos online.

The magic started back in the good old days of Brooklyn, New York in 1891 when Sitmann and Pitt came out with the first gambling machine. Now this isn’t your typical slot machine most people are familiar with, but more of a poker machine, which had five drums holding 50 cards faced down. On the machine was a lever you needed to pull after dropping a nickel inside. Then the drums would spin the cards in order to try and land a strong poker hand. These machines didn’t have any automatic payouts, but people would be rewarded, say a drink or something if they were playing at the bar.

Now that you’re familiar with some of the history behind these magnificent machines, let’s get you familiar with 5 slot machine strategies that will make you win big. Although these strategies cannot guarantee any wins, they can still improve your gameplay online and at the casino floors.


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Slot Machine Tricks: play on slots in crowded places

One slot machine trick that could help you the next time you go to the casino or online is to try finding slots that are located in a noticeable area where a lot of people are walking by or hanging out. The theory behind this is that the payout frequencies are higher on these machines as the casinos want the people nearby to witness others winning on these machines with the goal to get them to spin on the as well. The same goes with the slots that are located at the end of the rows, as more people pass by these machines when walking around the casino floor.

How to Win at Slots: choose the ones with the smallest jackpots

Just to make it clear, there’s no hidden secret out there that will be able to show and guarantee you how to win at slots. There are ways that could help increase your payout percentages, for example, it might be a good idea to try machines that offer the smallest jackpot, rather than the highest. Typically, the larger the jackpot is, the harder it is to win, whereas playing a slot with a smaller jackpot could be the opposite. Another thing people say is that your chances for a payout are higher on the basic slots that have only a single payout line. On the other hand, some may say that it’s better to go with slots that offer more features, such as bonuses, wilds and free spins.


Win Big at Slot Machines: focus on progressive jackpot

Want to win big at slot machines? Try machines with the highest bets as these machines have a higher payback percentage. Next time you’re at the casino floor or online, look out for slot machines that are linked to a progressive jackpot since the rewards on them can be huge. But keep in mind, the chances for a payout on these machines are typically lower. These machines are great if your goal is to win a substantial amount and wouldn’t recommend for those who just want to have a higher chance of winning the smaller payouts. If you’re spinning for these progressive jackpots, just don’t get upset if you don’t win, as the chances of winning are like the lottery.


Set a Limit to Your Wins or Loses

A great strategy to keep in mind the next time you’re gaming with slot machines online or at the casino is to set a limit to your wins or losses. Be smart and make a budget so that you can make wise decisions on whether you should lower your bet or quit spinning the reels once you’ve reached your limit. Setting these limits could help you save a lot of money and also spread out your gaming, especially if you plan on playing a while. You don’t want to spend it all in one sitting and you don’t want to be that guy who won a lot and ended up losing it all because he didn’t know when to stop.


Take Advantage of the Benefits

Another great strategy, is to find a reputable casino that offers their players rewards (or “comps”) and take advantage of the benefits they have to offer. You can find reward programs from casinos both online and of course at the land based casinos. These are benefits you can gain from simply playing. Whether you win or lose, you can continue racking up points and use them towards some of the perks the casino you’re at has to offer, such as room upgrades, shows, cash back, meals and more. In fact, if you play our free video slots here at Caesars Casino online and you’re from the U.S. or Canada, you can link or create a new Total Rewards account so you can earn TR credits anytime without having to be at the casino.

As mentioned earlier, there are no slot machine tricks that will guarantee you’ll win, however these strategies can help improve your gaming and make wise decisions the next time you visit a casino or game online. In the end, it’s all about the luck of the spin and most importantly to have fun. So whether you win or lose, make sure you leave the reels with a smile on your face.


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