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Types of Slot Machines: A Practical Guide

If you’re new to slot machines or even someone who’s been playing them for years, you’ll understand that there are so many different types located at every land based casino as well as online. Some of the different types of slot machines can be anywhere from a single-coin and multi-coin slot, to a touch-screen and video machine. Having a good understanding of all the different types will be beneficial for you so you can find the right ones to fit your style as well as your bankroll. More importantly, you want to find the ones that will be the most fun for you, because at the end of the day, win or lose, it’s all about having fun.

Over the years, slots have been evolving all the way from the classic 3 reel machines, to multiple reel video slots, to high tech 3D machines. The graphics and sounds on the newer ones are so amazing that they’ll create an experience you’ll never forget. For reference, you can find a description of each game through their paytable. The paytables will explain to you what sort of features they have, what each symbol is worth, all their payline combinations as well as the overall rules to the game. To help you along the way, we’ve gone ahead and identified a few of the most common types of slot machines for you, so you’ll be prepared the next time you visit a casino or play online.

Progressive Slots

Similar to other slot machines, progressive slots are like an addition to them where you have a chance to win a jackpot. The jackpot amounts for most machines are a fixed amount, however progressives rise each time you spin the reels. In fact, many of the machines are linked to one another, meaning the more people who play on them, the bigger the jackpot will get.

How it works, each time someone places a bet, a certain percentage from the bet is taken out and added to the jackpot until someone hits it. The percentage can be different at each casino, where some of them are up to even 15%. Once someone wins, the jackpot amount is reset with a new amount and will continue to grow until the next lucky person will win. With the jackpots being able to link up with one another, the potential rewards can be enormous, especially when playing online where people are making bets from all over the word. They’re available on classic 3-reel machines as well as the modern 5-reel style in order to attract more people. Below, we’ve listed 3 different types of progressive slot machines.

  • Stand-Alone each jackpot on these machines are independent, meaning they are not linked to any other slot machines, therefore their jackpots are relatively smaller when comparing to others.
  • In-House means the slot machines are linked up with other ones, however they are only linked with those inside their casino.
  • Wide-Area the biggest progressive jackpot type. These are linked to other machines from various locations, which means more people are able to play on them and contribute to the total jackpot amount.


Multiplier Slot Machines

Multiplier slot machines have a potential for getting some high wins, which is a key feature. Not all machines offer this feature, however the ones that do have the ability to multiply your wins to double, triple and X100. You can find them a lot of times from bonus games so that people will have a chance for some big rewards. However, some games have multipliers available for all spins that take place, which makes the potential payouts even bigger. Multipliers can be triggered differently depending on the game you’re playing. Some can occur during normal game play, free spins or bonus rounds. In any case, the concept remains the same. You simply multiply the number you’ve gotten by your prize amount. For example, if you win $100 and got a multiplier X3, that means you’ve actually won $300.

Depending on the game, multipliers are typically wild symbols. Wild meaning they’re able to substitute for other symbols and complete a winning combination. Not only can they behave as wilds, but they can also multiply your wins during regular spins and free spins. The machines multiply your payouts based on your bet amount. For example, it could be X1 for one coin you’ve placed in the machine, X2 for two coins you’ve placed in the machine and so forth.


Video Slot Machines

Unlike the classic 3-reel slot machines from the 19th century, the modern day video slot machine typically has 5 reels. Having more reels available allows for more symbols, combinations and paylines. By having more paylines, you are able to increase your bet more, therefore having more chances for payouts. These machines also have digital reels which are seen from a screen and a button to spin the reels instead of a lever you pull down. Another huge difference between classic machines are the sharp graphics and sound they offer. These machines also brought out the first bonus games as well as the ability to be able to link the machines up for the progressive jackpots. Not only are these a huge hit at the land based casinos, but they are definitely what helped increase the popularity to casino sites online. In fact, here at Caesars Casino we offer a big selection of them with a variety of different themes and features. Click here to see for yourself!


Overall, slot machines have come a long way and have been offering some fascinating entertainment for people for years. The advancements they have made in history is remarkable and they offer a wide range of machines that are able to appeal to a wide range of people, no matter who you are. In the end, it’s all about personal preference and which games look appealing to you. In that case, always make sure to understand how a particular slot works to make sure it’s what you’re going for, and of course, so you know what you’re getting yourself into. Most importantly, it’s all about having fun. If you’re not having fun, you should consider moving to another machine. To get a good idea of all the different types of slot machines, we would highly recommend you to try out some of ours for free at Caesars Casino.

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