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Top 5 New Caesars Slots of 2017

29/11/2017 11:28 am

2017 has been an amazing year so far for Caesars Casino. We’ve released some of our very best slot machines this year. As of January, until now, we’ve released close to 32 new slots. That means on average we’ve come out with almost 3 new machines each month. And the year is not over yet. In fact, we still have the entire month of December to release more exciting new games. With that in mind, we’re really excited to see what else is in store next month, especially with Christmas just around the corner.

All the slot machines we’ve released so far in 2017 have been successful. In fact, there are some games that are more popular to play than others. In that case, we wanted to see for ourselves which games people enjoyed playing the most. We were able to define this by checking the amount of people who played each game the most as well as which games had the most spins on them. Once the data was in place, we decided to narrow it down to the top 5. In this article, we’ll be going over the top 5 new Caesars slots of 2017 as well as some of the things that make these games so fun to play.

New Online Slots

One great thing about playing casino games through the internet is that new online slots are being released all the time. As soon as you think you have seen it all, a new slot machine comes out bringing you the latest graphics and sounds. Not only that, but the games keep getting better and better as technology advances. Speaking of new games, let’s go over our top 5 slot machines released so far in 2017. Starting with the most popular machine.

wild howl

  • Wild Howl

Was released on January 26th 2017. As soon as this slot became live, it’s been a huge success among our players. This theme of this game is based on animals out in the wild life and features a progressive jackpot where you can win some major coin prizes. The main feature is the Wild Howl respins. In order to activate the respins, you need to get a certain amount of moon symbols to land on the reels. Afterwards the Howling Respins will start and you’ll be on your way to winning one of the jackpot rewards. Best of all, if you get an entire screen full of the moon symbols, you will automatically win the Mega Jackpot for an enormous coin prize.

captain pelican

  • Captain Pelican

Was released on June 16th 2017 and gained much popularity shortly after it came out for all our players. The theme of this game is on a sail boat and has sea animals as some of the symbols. The main features include Scatters, Stacked Wilds, progressive jackpot and a puzzle game. It’s not just any puzzle, it’s the only puzzle game we’ve released and stands out from other games. In order to solve it, you need to collect a certain amount of pieces within a specific amount of time. Once the board has been completed, the Puzzle Bonus will become unlocked and you can win up to 500X!


  • Jackpot Destiny

This video slot machine came out this summer on August 10th 2017. This game’s main feature is a progressive bonus in which you have to break these magical crystal tiles to unlock the Crystal Bonus a play for some big wins. This is a unique feature from other progressive bonuses because your win amounts are what makes you progress, therefore the more you win, the higher your chances are of breaking more tiles. For example, once a symbol is on a winning line, the Crystal Tile behind it shatters and will go towards your progress to unlocking the bonus game.


New Casino Slots

In continuation with our top 5 games released this year, below are the last couple new casino slots to make it on the list.

american glamour

  • American Glamour 2

If you thought the first American Glamour was tons of fun, you’ve got to check out the second edition, American Glamour 2. This game is wild fun and gets its them from the 1950s style pin up gals. This game made its introduction on March 29th 2017.  It has twin reels you can play on to win big jackpot rewards. You can also turn all the reels wild from Surprise Wild Reels. And that’s not all… You can also win one of three different bonus types: Wild Reel Free Spins, Retro Respins or spin the Fun Wheel for big coin prizes and multipliers.

riches midas

  • Riches of Midas

This slot machine was released towards the end of the summer on August 30th 2017. The theme around this game has a royal ancient Greek appeal designed with lots of gold. The main features for this game are the Golden Touch Respins where you can win a minor, mega and major jackpot. It also features Nudging Wild Reels and Scatters. Like the game’s title itself, this game is filled with gold and has the potential for some really high payouts.



New Vegas Slots

Bringing you the thrill of Vegas to your doorstep. Spinning the new Vegas slots at Caesars Casino is just like playing on the actual casino floor, except you don’t have to physically go there. That’s right. No more having to take long trips to the casino just to be able to play your favorite slot machines. In fact, that’s one of the greatest things about playing online, you don’t have to go anywhere. You can spin the machines right from home if you’d like. Not only that, but you can play any time of day you want. Go ahead and see for yourself a list of our free video slot machines that are ready to play instantly.





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