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3 Online Caesars Slots to Play for Free in 2017

There’s nothing better than being able to play all your favorite online slots for free. Sure it’s fun to play at a physical casino, but why does the thrill have to end as soon as you leave? What do you do when you don’t have time to go to the casino, or it’s too much of a hassle to get there? Don’t you want to have the freedom to choose where you want to play, whether it be on the go or relaxing at your own home? Well, that’s one of the beauties of playing online. You don’t have to go anywhere. Not only that, but it’s free. That’s right. You don’t have to spend a dime in order to enjoy online casino gaming.

If you’re planning to gamble at a casino anytime soon, online slots are a great way to get some practice before you risk any of your hard earned money. While this may be a great option for some, most others just like playing simply because it’s fun. It’s also a great way to kick back and relax. Aside from being able to play for free wherever you want, you also have the choice to play whenever you want. That’s right. Our slots are available online 24/7.

Online Slots

Caesars Casino online slots have been around since 2012 where we launched our first application on web. A year later, in 2013, we launched our first mobile application. Once our games were released on both web and mobile, the popularity kept growing. In fact, Caesars is one of the most popular casino games in the world, with more than a million people playing each day.

Currently, we have well over 100 different types of video slot machines and release on average around 3 new machines each month bringing you the latest and greatest in features, graphics and sound.


Best Online Slots

If you’re trying to find the best online slots, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Caesars Casino we take pride in our games and work very hard to deliver the best casino experience. Like most our players, we also love online slot machines, which is important when creating games. There’s nothing better than being able to create something that you enjoy. Besides top notch features, music, design, characters, themes and everything else that’s involved when making new games, we simply have fun spinning just like you, and the feedback we get from our players helps us a lot in delivering nothing but the best.

From releasing so many slots over the years, it’s not easy to say which ones are the best as everyone has their own style and taste. To give you an idea, below are just 3 slot machines that have stood out to us as well as our players over the years and still remain on our top list.


  • Foxtrot Follies

One of our most famous video slot machines. It was a hit the moment it was released, and is still very popular to this day. Featuring Stacked Symbols, Scatters and Wild Pays. The game’s theme comes from the early 1900s during the Jazz Age where it got its inspiration from the famous Parisian Folies Bergere.


  • Zeus Fortune

A slot machine inspired by the rich and famous Greek sky and thunder gods. The game’s setting takes place high up in the mountains on Mount Olympus where golden riches are waiting to be discovered. Just like the title, Zeus has a ton of fortune that you can win from the powerful Electric Wilds and Thunderbolt Free Spins.


  • Ocean Splendor

Is an ocean lover’s paradise that takes place in the crystal clear water. Take a dive where you will find beautiful wild life such as dolphins, seals and more. The game’s main features are Stacked Symbol Multipliers, Scatters and Stacked Wilds that will keep you busy playing for hours at a time.


Slot Machines

In addition to our slot machines, playing with us online has some other advantages. For example, if you’re a Total Rewards player with Caesars Entertainment, you can also earn reward credits when playing our games. That means you don’t have to be at a physical casino in order to earn more credits, which is convenient. All you need is an existing TR account and you can simply link it to your account with us. If you don’t have a TR account, no problem, you can simply create a new one and link it afterwards.

Another perk to online casinos is that you can choose to be social if you want. By being social you are able to earn more credits so you can play longer and hopefully advance more. To do so, all you need is a Facebook account. Once your Facebook account is connected to our application, you can start sending/receiving gifts to all your friends. You can also collect shared gifts and coins we post from our official fan page on Facebook. On top of that, you can challenge other people (not just your friends) in contests to earn even more coin prizes.


If you haven’t already, we highly encourage you try out all our slot machines for free. In fact, we have a special welcome bonus for all our new guests to help you get started. Whether you choose to play socially is up to you, however just keep in mind that you can earn more freebies when you’re Facebook Connected. If you don’t want to be social, no problem, we respect your decision and invite you to come spin with us!




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