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The Optimal Strategy to Win at Blackjack


Blackjack is a classic casino card game that’s been around for hundreds of years now. Everyday people from around the world enjoy playing at these tables in hopes to bring home more cash than they started with. It’s a simple game to learn and it’s also very fun to play. You can literally just sit down at a table with a dealer and start playing right away. The game has a pretty good house edge, usually somewhere around 0.5% which is one of the lowest you can find at a casino. Not only can you play at the physical casinos, but you can also have fun playing online. If you’re new to the casino, it’s also a great game for new comers as the rules are fairly simple and doesn’t require too much strategy.

Once you understand the rules to Blackjack, and before you start playing, you should definitely go over some strategies that can improve your overall gaming experience. There are different ways in which you can lower the house edge even more, and that’s by simply making the correct decisions at the right time. One of the main reasons why so many players lose is because of not knowing what to do in certain circumstances. Sure, there’s luck involved, but the decisions you make are a huge key factor in determining whether you will be a winner. The Blackjack optimal strategy is in your hands, so be sure to continue reading below to learn more.

21 Card Game

21 card game or simply known as “21” is a classic casino card game where the main objective is to get a better hand than the dealer. In order to do that, you need to get a hand that is worth more points that the dealer’s, without going over 21 points. Once you have gotten a good understanding of the game and learned all the rules, next thing you should do is go over the strategies. Speaking of which, below are some of the most common.

  • Split – if you are ever in a situation where you are dealt two aces or two eights, it’s a good idea to go ahead and split them. Never split fives or tens.
  • Hit – it’s always a good to hit when you have been dealt a soft 17.
  • Stand – always stand when you have a 17 or higher.
  • Insurance – in the long run, it’s best to not take insurance.
  • Double-Down – is a great opportunity, and a way to bring the house edge down.
  • Surrender – it is said that you should only surrender when you have a hard 15 and the dealer has a 10, or when you have a hard 16 and the dealer has a 9,10 or ace.
  • Side Bets – are usually not worth going for, and the casino’s advantage is higher than without them.


Blackjack Basic Strategy

As far as the amount of decks used, it’s usually best when there’s less, however it doesn’t make a huge difference, and the most common you will see are four and six. Overall, there are tons of strategies out there you can find, however since the game involves probability, most of them are a waste of time. Rather than looking at the game as one long session, it’s best to look at each hand individually. Below are some basic guidelines to follow.

  • For each hand you win, go ahead and increase your bet by one chip.
  • If you lose a hand, go ahead and bet the same amount as your previous hand.
  • If you make profit in the end, go ahead and put them to the side.
  • Never play when you’re in a rush. If you’re ever in a hurry, it’s best to play when you have more time, especially when it’s a good idea to take breaks.
  • Don’t drink alcohol. Keep your head clear, especially when playing with real money.
  • Set a limit. Don’t bet more than you can afford, and don’t try to make up for your losses. Before you start, make up your mind on how much you’re willing to spend.
  • Don’t let your emotions affect your game play. If you’re losing, shake it off and focus on the next hand.


How to Win at Blackjack

Want to learn how to win at Blackjack? Once you have learned the basic rules to the classic game as well as some strategies, you should go ahead and widen your horizon by checking out some other variations, such as European and Progressive Blackjack. These are just a couple different versions, but they are both very popular. By learning some of the different versions, this can help increase your game play so that you can become a well rounded player.

European Blackjack is another variation to the classic we just spoke about. In fact, the main objective is the same, which is to get a higher score than the dealer without going over 21. This is the most popular variation and is mostly found at the casinos scattered across Europe. One of the differences is the dealer doesn’t get a second card until all the players have finished making their moves. The game is also played using two decks of cards. You also can’t surrender your cards. If you want to double-down, you can only do so if you have a hard total between 9 and 11. You can split up to three hands, except for aces. The dealers have to stand when they have a soft 17. If you and the dealer end in a tie, you get your initial bet back. The house edge is usually lower, too.

Progressive Blackjack is just like the classic version, except there’s a side bet you can take advantage of. This progressive jackpot keeps growing for each side bet. Keep in mind that the side bet has no impact on the outcome of your hand. Each time you or someone else places a side bet, a certain percentage goes towards the jackpot, and continues to grow until someone gets lucky and wins. The size of these jackpots can get big, therefore the more people who play and the higher the bets, the larger the potential pot will be.


In the end, you can never stop learning on how to become a better Blackjack player. The more you educate yourself on the game and practice, the better your outcome will be. Don’t forget, as much as you may want to come close to 21, the main objective is to beat the dealer. This means you can even win with a low score as the dealer can bust, therefore strategy takes a big part in the game. More importantly, it’s all about having fun. Win or lose, you should always walk away with a smile on your face. To start playing Blackjack now and practice some of these strategies, go ahead and give our games a try here at Caesars Casino for free.