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10 Signs You Need to Stop Gambling


Gambling addiction is an impulse disorder where you’re not able to control your gambling habits even when it causes negative effects to you as well as those around you. No matter how you’re feeling, you’ll continue to gamble because you won’t care if it’s harming you or not. Even if you know the odds are not in your favor or you cannot support your losses financially, you will still want to gamble. This is a very serious condition that effects millions of people in the U.S. alone. It doesn’t have to be just gambling at casinos, but it can also be for those who place bets in the stock market or even purchase lotto tickets. Any situation where you’re taking a risk in order to gain a profit is considered gambling.

Do you think you or someone you know might be addicted to gambling? If so, wouldn’t you like to be able to identify if you or that person have a problem? We’ve come up with some ways that can help you stop gambling. Continue reading to learn the different signs as well as how to end it.

Gambling Problem

Want to learn how to be able to detect a gambling problem? Below is a list of 10 different signs that can help you determine if you or someone you know could have an issue.

1. Borrowing Money

They will start asking friends, family, etc. to loan them money without telling them why they need it.

2. Gambling obsession

Whenever you can’t stop thinking about gambling and/or can’t wait until you will do it again. You will do anything in order to get your fix of trying to win money. You can also start losing interest in your family, school, work as well as other things that matter in your life.

3. Cannot stop gambling

No matter what they do or how bad they know their habit is, they just can’t stop the urge.

4. Can’t afford

Spending too much money on gambling than one is able to afford.

5. Lying

People who will do everything they can in order to hide their issue from others. They will even lie to those who are close to them such as their family members, spouses, friends and colleagues.

6. Betting more every time

Similar to those who have a drug problem, over time they will want to continue playing more and more while increasing their bets in order to get a bigger rush.

7. Psychological withdrawals

This tends to happen whenever someone who’s addicted to gambling tries to quit. Sort of like someone who has a drug problem. They may become irritated, anxious, unable to sleep etc. until they start gambling again.

8. Stealing

Those who will do anything in order to get the money they need to start gambling again. They won’t try and borrow money from anyone, or maybe they tried and got denied, but instead they will resort to stealing.

9. Chasing loses

When someone tries to win back what they’ve already lost. Unfortunately, this can often lead into a bigger debt causing the situation to become worse.

10. Escaping reality

Those who play in order to clear their minds, release stress and escape from whatever problems they’re experiencing in life.


How to End Gambling Addiction

First and foremost, one of the first steps to resolving a gambling addiction is by realizing you have a problem. This is definitely not something that’s easy to do, plus it requires a lot of strength, especially if you have lost more money than you can afford, or have ruined your relationships with family and/or friends. If you think you may have a problem, go ahead and go over the different ways on how to stop gambling addiction below.

1. Realize you have a problem

As mentioned before, this is the first step you need to make in resolving the problem. Even if you seek help, it won’t be effective unless you’re willing to take on this first step.

2. Seek support

Addictions in general are difficult to fight by yourself. Getting help from your family and friends is an excellent way to assist you in recovery.

3. Stay away from temptation

Don’t go to places that can result into gambling. That means you need to stay clear from any environment (lottery centers, casinos, race tracks, etc.) that can lead into temptation.

4. Get involved with something else

Find another activity that can replace gambling such as riding your bicycle, volunteering, hiking, swimming or anything else you can substitute it with.

5. Consult a professional

There are many different levels of gambling addiction, and each person is different, therefore it’s important to seek help from a professional.


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