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The Best Slots with Mini Games You Can Play on Caesars Games

Gaming online is something that’s become extremely popular from all around the world. Being able to play all your favorite games from the convenience of your own mobile device is simply amazing. One of these fun and relaxing game types are casinos. Land based casinos have been around for years, and there’s nothing better than being able to enjoy from the comfort of your own home, on the go, or on a lunch break. Nowadays, you can find many different casinos to have fun at, including right here at Caesars Games where we offer hundreds of free to play slot machines.

Do you like slot machines that offer special features such as Jackpots, Wilds and Bonus Games? We love them all. In fact, we consider it a major component when creating a new machine. Aside from them, there are some other very important ingredients when making a game, such as the theme, art and music. Even if you may not be a big fan of how the game looks or sounds, you can always check out the game’s paytable see what else it offers.

If you see a feature you like on a game, go ahead and give it a spin. It can make all the difference on whether it’s suitable for you. Speaking of which, in this article we’ll be reviewing some of our best slots with mini games (also known as bonus games). We’ll be covering some of the various types we offer, as well as the machines you can play them on.

Slots with Bonus Games

If you’ve made it this far, chances are you like slots with Bonus Games. If that’s the case, you may or not be familiar with the different types. Some of the main ones, and the most popular ones here at Caesars are Matching Games, Picking Games and Progressive Bonus Maps.

• Matching Games
Are extremely popular and fun bonus games in which you need to match specific objects on the screen. Once you have matched up all the required items, you can win some really big coin prizes. The more objects you are able to match; the more coins you can win.

• Picking Games
Is another really known type of bonus game that you can find on a lot of different machines. With this mini game, instead of matching objects, you pick objects off the screen in order to find hidden coin prizes. The coin amounts are different for each object. The more prizes you find, the bigger your reward will be.

• Progressive Bonus Maps
This is a very special bonus that’s similar to a board game and includes a progressive map. The more you advance on the map, the more you’ll be able to have a chance to win exciting coin prizes and be able to play the Mini Bonus Games to win even BIGGER Rewards!

Some of the video slots you can find these Bonus Rounds on are Princess Wild, Monster Treasure, Captain Pelican, Jackpot Destiny and Sweet Forest.

1) Princess Wild
This features a Progressive Bonus Map where you will need to collect and match domino pieces in order to complete a board game. Advance on the map and play special bonus games where you can win coin prizes.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your gear and start your journey through the deep jungle in Princess Wild. Collect 3 Scatter Symbols from the reels to spin the Jungle Wheel and reveal your Free Spins! Play up to 4 Arrays with 4 different Wild Reel combinations. Watch out for the falling Dominoes landing on the reels. Hurry and collect dominoes in time to complete the board games. Advance on the maps to win coin prizes and play Bonus Games to win even BIGGER Rewards!

2) Monster Treasure
This creepy yet exciting game features a creative Progressive Jackpot and Monster Bonus you can play after you collect enough Gems and Monster Cards to fill the album pages. Once the entire album is completed, you will be able to play the Progressive Jackpot for even more coins!

In this game, you’ll be able to venture into the spook-tastic world and catch a scare as you walk inside the dark haunted castle. Watch out for Frankenstein and Dracula as they come creeping around the corner. Collect hidden gems to win monster cards and complete the album by capturing all the monsters. Get big wins from the spectacular Monster Bonus and Progressive Jackpot!

3) Captain Pelican
One of our most popular games. The theme takes place on a boat and has sea animals as some of the symbols. The main features include Scatters, Stacked Wilds, a Progressive Jackpot and a Puzzle Bonus Game. Believe it or not, it’s actually the only puzzle game we’ve released, which makes it different from all our other games. In order to solve the puzzle, you need to collect a specific amount of pieces in a certain amount of time. Once you’ve completed the board, the Puzzle Bonus will be unlocked where you have a chance to win up to 500X!

4) Jackpot Destiny
Spin to crush Crystals and play a special Bonus Game for your Jackpots! Your future awaits. Come visit the gypsy fortune teller so she can share your future through her magical crystal ball! Choose your destiny on the reels by breaking crystal tiles in this exciting Progressive Bonus game. Unlock the Crystal Bonus to win mystical coin prizes! Good fortune will be yours with Wild Reel Free Spins. Instantly win up to 25X your bet and up to 25 Free Spins with Surprise Wild Reels!

If you enjoy playing slot machines like we do, then you’re going to love all our games. Each one is packed with exciting features that will keep you wanting to play for hours at a time. With hundreds of different games to choose from, you will never get tired of playing. Come claim your Welcome Bonus and check out all our games now!

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