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3 Reel Slots: Top Features and Strategies to Win

CaesarsGames.com is a fun-filled social casino where you get to enjoy plenty of free 3 reel slots games. Before you start playing these 3 reel slots, it’s always a good idea to read up on the best slots tips, tricks, and strategies. As the most popular attractions at the casino, slots games feature entertaining themes and interactive gaming sessions. They are designed to reel you in with their neon lights, jingling jangling sounds, and classic appeal. Slots are chance-based games with a slight house edge. However, there are ways that you can boost your chances of winning by following effective slots strategies.

Understand Slots RTPs

The RTP of 3 reel slots games is generally not readily available to players. However, if you conduct a little research, you will find slots aggregator websites that present you with accurate or approximate RTPs for different slots games. The higher the return to player percentage, the more favorable the slot game is to play.
You may be privy to guides, articles, or insights from industry insiders. This information will help you to make informed decisions about which slots games to play. You can typically expect the payout percentage on 3 reel slots games to range between 80% and 98%. Your odds of winning increase as you pick higher RTPs.

Set a Slots Bankroll

For most slots sessions, except for free 3 reel slots at CaesarsGames.com*, you will need to set a real money bankroll. Your bankroll determines how much you can allocate towards your slots sessions. It is always a good idea to conduct the necessary research into different classic slots games with issues like minimum bets/maximum bets and then allocate funds accordingly.

Remember: It is best to maximize your slots sessions by playing for a set time and then reserving funds for additional sessions of play. If you burn through all of your funds at once, you will decrease your enjoyment and probably be playing on tilt (emotionally-based play). Set loss limits and win limits before you play fruit slots games. That way, you will know when to walk away once certain figures have been reached. Perhaps the most important slots bankroll tip is the following: Never chase your losses.

If you have a $3,000 budget for your Atlantic City vacation, and you’re staying for 5 days, that translates into a slots budget of $600 per day. If you have a gaming time allocation of three hours per day, that allows you $200 per hour. Play for one hour at a time and be prepared to lose $200 for every session that you play. Any winnings that you accumulate are a bonus.

Never Gamble on Credit

Believe it or not, one of the biggest faux pas is made by slots players is bringing credit cards, checkbooks, and bank cards to the casino. Rather than risk depleting your life savings, or running up lines of credit, bring cash with you into the casino. Of course, you can avoid all of these complications by simply playing free 3 reel slots games online at social gaming sites like CaesarsGames.com. Once you’re confident about the types of games you want to play, you can easily switch over to real money play.

With cash in hand, your slots gaming sessions will be far more enjoyable. If you can bring a friend or partner with you to the casino, that’s always a good idea since you can watch one another’s back. You will also find that coins are a better way to manage your bankroll since they are denominated in fractions of a dollar, as opposed to feeding $10, $20, or $100 bills into the slot machine games.

Once you have accumulated your winnings quota for this session, or the day, cash out. This needn’t be an outrageous figure like 200% of your initial bankroll, it can be 50%, or even 25%. Remember, 25% of $3,000 is still $750 – that’s substantial enough to proudly walk away from the casino. If you can play slots games with a player club card, do so. You will accumulate points which can be used towards various freebies, in-house rewards, prizes and special deals. Much the same is true of bonuses and promotional offers that may be provided to you.

The Final Spin: Why Free Three Reel Slots Are the Way to Go

When you play for free, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Super exciting slots like Safe Bet, Goddess of the Pyramids, Samba Shake, Beer Bonanza, and Cheese Heist are some of the many exciting slots available to players. You can play free classic slot games like Pink Gems, Texas Star, and 777 Vintage to your heart’s content. All it takes is one spin to get things started!

*All games available at CaesarsGames.com are not based on real money, they are for entertainment purposes only

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