Playtika rewards

Welcome to Playtika Rewards, an amazing loyalty program that treats you to exciting rewards for ongoing game play. Playtika Rewards is free to join, and membership is automatic! Whenever you spend time playing online slots at Caesars Slots, the rewards roll in and your benefits grow.

As you move forward from basic Bronze to Diamond Status and beyond, you’ll enjoy exclusive access to spectacular VIP games. Additionally, you’ll qualify to collect even more free gifts and coins to enhance gameplay, and you’ll receive the best coin package deals available!

It’s easy to advance towards the next status level, since you earn Status Points as you play and level up, and as you receive additional points each time you make a purchase. Be sure to take advantage of Caesars Slots double and triple Status Points promotions where all points are doubled or tripled. The Playtika Rewards loyalty program features seven status levels: Everyone begins at Bronze and all players have the ability to progress towards the Black Diamond status. Click below to learn more about each exciting level.

Black diamond

Black Diamond status benefits are revealed once you achieve Black Diamond level. In a twist from the popular saying, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” whatever happens in Black Diamond stays in Black Diamond!

Royal diamond

Royal Diamond status benefits are super-exclusive, and include access to a variety of VIP games to add even more excitement to each day. In addition, Royal Diamond status players qualify for special gifts and sales, plus personal account management and more. With Royal Diamond status, you’ll be awarded with over 1,000,000 daily free coins. You will also receive x200 larger gifts from the Caesars Casino Facebook fan page. To get to the highly coveted Playtika Rewards Black Diamond status, you need 8,000,000 Status Points.


Diamond players benefits are sure to put a sparkle in your eyes! Your coin purchase packages are now worth x7, and your free daily gift is worth an incredible 500,000 coins. Free gifts from friends are now worth 10,000 coins, and you’re eligible for a 30% increase in your Mega Bonus win. Additionally,  diamond status players get a x100 multiplier on Facebook Fan Page gifts, incredible x20 share post gifts, and much more! With 2,000,000 status points, you’ll level up to Royal Diamond status.


Playtika Rewards Platinum benefits include access to some outstanding rewards including 200,000 coins each day as a Free Gift! Additionally, Platinum status players qualify for a 25% increase in Mega Bonus wins after each spin. Your Facebook fan page gifts multiplier increases to x40, and your share post gift increases to x10. As a Platinum player, your gifts from friends are now worth 5,000 coins apiece. Keep on reaching for the stars! To get to Diamond Status, you need just 250,000 Status Points.


Playtika Gold Rewards social benefits include access to more than double the coin amount in each coin package. You’re also eligible for a 20% increase on the Mega Bonus prize, plus your daily free gift increases to 100,000 coins. Additionally, Gold status players qualify for x20 Facebook fan page gifts and x5 share post gifts. Gold players also receive 2,000 coins with free gifts from friends, and more. You’re climbing the ranks quickly now, and can achieve Platinum status with 30,000 Status Points.


Playtika Silver Rewards benefits include bigger free daily gifts and twice the number of Status Points for every level up. As a Silver player, you can also start collecting 5x larger gifts from our Facebook fan page, and your share post gifts will triple in size. Higher free gifts from friends are all yours, too. Make your way to Gold status and the rewards that come with it by earning 4,000 Status Points!


Playtika Bronze Rewards benefits include a daily free gift worth 250 coins and free gifts from friends worth 50 coins apiece. Bronze players move to Silver status after earning 150 Playtika Rewards points, which are easy to get with a single purchase or by earning Status Points with each level up.