The Ultimate Online Jackpot Guide

Are you new to slots or a long-time slots enthusiast? Regardless, the beckoning of massive jackpot wins has probably caught your eye. Jackpot slots have the deepest pockets in the online gaming business and have the largest wins available to lucky players of all casino games both online and land based. If you play online, you’ve most likely seen jackpot versions of your favorite games with strikingly huge prizes. The thrill of a huge win around each bend and spin is not something to be feared, but taken as a Caesar. This guide will help you navigate the enticing world of jackpots so that you do not spin around a blind corner.

Though the design, layout, and features of jackpot slots look much like regular ones, there are differences in not only bonus features and paylines, but more specifically, in their huge wins! Jackpots range in sizes though overall, jackpot slots are slots with massive prizes that pay bigger amounts to fewer players. There are two different types of jackpots we will cover in this guide, so that you can be ready to rule the reels.

What is a slot jackpot?

Before we go over the different types of slot jackpots, let’s first cover what a slot jackpot is. A huge grand prize in a slot game is not necessarily the jackpot. Slot jackpots are prizes that can be won separately from your wins during the main gameplay. To win, you must trigger the jackpot feature while spinning. This can be a short journey by chance, but is most likely going to take time. Once triggered, you can play for or win a jackpot! Each slot will have a different trigger for its jackpots and jackpot feature. Always read each paytable before spinning a game to know which symbols trigger the features you want and what bonus rounds or play choices you may have. Jackpot slots vary by theme, paylines, jackpots, and methods of winning. You can always find games suited for any taste and budget, making them one of the most attractive casino games available.

Types of jackpots

There are two types of slot jackpots available; progressive and fixed. Typical jackpot slots have various amounts of fixed jackpots available to win on those specific slot games or machines. Progressive slots, on the other hand, have a link binding the jackpot(s) of multiple games so that far bigger wins can be generated. In progressive jackpots, the bets from every contributing machine are being added to the overall prize. These prizes are constantly changing, and seeing a jackpot prize with a ticking number is how you know you are playing a progressive jackpot slot rather than with one with fixed jackpots.

How do progressive jackpots work?

The jackpot in progressive jackpot slots always starts with a set baseline prize. This grows with every time spins on the reels, adding a portion of every bet to the overall prize. Online, a progressive jackpot may increase solely from players on its game or from a collection of linked games. Linked games have a greater capacity for prizes since there are more machines for players to join. In an online casino, these games can have huge jackpots since access to them is readily available worldwide online and multitudes of players can play each linked machine all at once.

To win a progressive jackpot, you need the right symbol combination to land on the reels. Triggering a jackpot can be tough, as there is usually a minimum bet set to open access to the game’s jackpot. The paytable of a slot will explain how to trigger the jackpot feature and win the jackpot. You may have to trigger something in a bonus game, beat a mini-game, or simply get the perfect combination of symbols. Some slots may require you to spin on Max Bet, so reading the paytable to know how to trigger what you want is important, as all slots vary. Once the progressive jackpot is won, the game resets it and it starts to climb from the base prize again. So long as it remains intact, the jackpot will continue growing exponentially.

Progressive jackpots slots

Aside from having a constantly growing prize value, progressive slots may also have multiple jackpots. These might be labeled as Mini, Minor, Major, Grand, and Super jackpots, though names vary between every game and casino. Each jackpot may have a different trigger (so, again, always check your paytables!) whether by triggering an in-game mechanism or by collecting special symbols during gameplay. Some progressive slots may have a prize limit, meaning the jackpot must be won before it is reached or the prize resets. Though they may take long to win, progressive jackpots have the largest potential payouts of all slots and casino games as their prizes endlessly increase. By triggering a progressive jackpot, you could win hundreds, thousands, or even millions.

How to win on progressive slots

Once you know the jackpot triggers for your game, there is not much else to do to win on a progressive slot than any other slot game. Be sure to have the right bet requirement, an eye for necessary symbols, and an understanding of any mini game or bonus feature you may need to play through. Remember that with regular slots, the best way to win is by knowing which game to pick, combining RTP (return-to-player percentages), risk or stakes, and volatility (or variance). This is still good to keep in mind when choosing a progressive slot, however progressive jackpots are usually unlocked or won by turning up your bet.

RTP and knowing the stakes

Return-to-player percentage (RTP) is the theoretical amount of money a player could win back from a machine. This has been calculated over thousands of spins by game developers and regulators, though at the end of its time, a slot game will have given back this said amount. It is smart to choose games with a higher RTP, like 95% or more. Jackpot slots, however, tend to have lower RTP because there can be far bigger and won with smaller bets. When playing jackpot slots, expect less return during the base game but know you have the chance to win more if you get the chance to trigger the jackpot.


Volatility is the measure of how often a slot is likely to hit a winning combination or its average payout size. This term is commonly used interchangeably with variance, which measures the deviation (variance, fluctuation) from the average payout size, whether above or below.
High volatility denotes higher risk, meaning prizes are bigger but less frequent. These games are favored for their wins but require more time and patience in chasing huge prizes.
Low variance or volatility slots give players more chances of winning less. They may be less exciting than high volatility games though they do give steadier payouts.

Should I play progressive slots?

So… are progressive slots worth it? The overall answer is YES! These are the most rewarding casino games and pay out wins unseen by other games. However, the real answer about whether they suit you is that it really depends! You must consider your interest in these games, the reason you play, your time and financial situation, and your resources. Since they take a long time to win, these slot games can run expensive. If you do not have the time, energy, or resources to put into a progressive jackpot, it is more likely you will not hit a win and is consequently less suited for you. At Caesars slots, our progressive jackpots are easier to win than in normal casinos, both physical and online. Our slots are made for fun and our jackpots are usually triggered in bonus features that pay out huge wins.

Fixed jackpots

Now that we know all about progressive jackpot slots, let’s talk about fixed jackpots! These jackpot slots are more common and have fixed prize amounts that do not change. Due to their predetermined sum, these prizes tend to have a much lower value than those available on progressive slots, making them easier to win more frequently. The RTP on fixed jackpot slots is often higher than other slot games.

Don’t be fooled – even though they are smaller, fixed jackpot prizes can still be huge!

Like regular slot gameplay, fixed jackpots are not dependent on the bets of others or the size of your average bet. Winning is all up to chance and good luck! These games usually offer more than one type of jackpot, from smaller to larger values. Jackpots may be triggered through collecting symbols during the base game, activating a special feature, completing an action during a bonus round, or simply at random! Remember to check your paytable to know what you need to trigger a jackpot win.


With this guide, you now know the different types of jackpots and jackpot slots available, how to trigger them, and what sort of gameplay to expect. Remember to be smart in choosing your game so that your chances of winning are better and match your gaming needs. Now go spin and get those huge jackpot wins!

Frequently asked questions

Free Slots FAQ

  • Can you tell when a slot machine will hit?

    Unfortunately, no, you cannot foresee a winning combination before it lands. You can never tell when a slot will hit since all modern slots now use random number generators (RNGs) to ensure spin results remain consistently random. However, by choosing a slot game wisely, you may increase your chances of winning! Pick games not only based on themes and prizes, but also by their volatility, paylines, and bonus features. The lower a slot’s volatility, the more frequently it will hit smaller wins.

  • Can I trick a slot machine?

    Though many myths talk about ways to trick slot machines, there is no tangible way to do this due to results being chosen by a random number generator the moment you hit ‘spin’.

  • Are jackpot slots fair?

    Slots certified as using RNGs produce random results and are regulated to ensure fair gameplay. Equal opportunities for all players are a high priority at Caesars Slots.

  • How often are jackpot slots fair?

    Win results in slots are always random! The jackpot in a game may take hundreds of thousands of spins to hit or may hit twice in a row after much less. Most pay less often than once per 10,000 spins.

  • Are jackpot slots better than classic slots?

    That depends on what you’re looking for! If you are on the hunt for large payouts, jackpot slots may be right for you. For classic fun and a more predictable payout, spinning the higher RTP and lower volatility of classic games might be more your cup of tea.

  • Are progressive jackpots better than fixed ones?

    When referring to the prize amount, yes, progressive jackpots are better than fixed ones since they not only run higher; they are constantly growing. To pick which to play, you must decide how you want to win. For the largest wins available, look to progressive jackpots. These take a sum from every bet of every player and add it to a high jackpot amount. They vary in size at any moment though they take time to win. Fixed jackpots may be won more frequently, though their prize values never change. There is no answer as to which is better, as it remains up to you!