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The 5 Ultimate Slot Machine Tips

Slots are games of chance, but is there a way to beat the slots? This question has puzzled players since the creation of the Liberty Bell slot game by Charles Fey, in 1895. Each slot machine game features a unique set of rules. Once you meet these requirements, payouts will be made. Progressive jackpots typically pay out randomly – no special winning combinations are needed – but the size of your bets and the number of paylines you play can affect your winning chances.

5 Slot Strategy Tips to Beat the Game

1. Practice in Demo Mode

Perhaps the most important slot strategy of all is demo play mode. This allows you to practice your favorite slot games for free, before you ante up for real. With so many classic slots, video slots, and jackpot slots to play, you want to be sure of your selection before you wager for real. Demo play games are identical to real money slots, except that there is zero risk of loss. It’s a great way to test out your bankroll management techniques, slots strategies, and slot superstitions.

2. Pick Slots with High RTPs

It’s not always easy to find the Return to Player Percentages of casino games. If you’re fortunate enough to discover this information, always pick an online slot machine game with the lowest house edge (highest RTP). Typically, slots have RTPs of 92% – 98%, meaning that you will get back $0.92 – $0.98 for every $1 that you wager in the long-term.  The higher the RTP, the longer you can enjoy your slots gaming sessions. Remember, RTPs don’t mean very much in the short-term. You can win a huge jackpot on your first spin if luck is on your side!

3. Classic Slots, Video Slots or Jackpot Slots?

You may wish to know which category of slot games has the highest probability of paying out? You’re in luck! Classic slots with 3 reels and a limited number of paylines typically pay out more frequently than video slots, or jackpot slots. However, the jackpot slots have much bigger payouts when luck smiles on you. It has been suggested that players should choose games with the smallest jackpots. These are typically easier to win, since fewer people are chasing the smaller jackpots.

4. Always Claim Free Spins, Bonuses and Promo Offers

Everyone has a limited bankroll. The longer you play, the more likely you are to win. One way to increase your playing time is to claim free spins offers, no deposit bonuses, or other promotional offers available to you. offers players plenty of opportunities to enjoy free spins on slots, with an incredible variety of free slot games*. Top titles like Cabaret Rouge, Safe Bet, Aztec Warrior, and Legend of the Flame are worth checking out.

5. Always Choose Higher Denomination Slot Games

It’s a known fact that higher denomination slots games (more expensive slots) have a higher payback percentage than penny slots. Everyone loves penny slots because you get to spend more time playing slot games and you win incremental amounts every now and then. However, the bigger prizes are available with higher denomination slots. . If you can choose between $0.25 slots or $1 slots, go with the latter. Of course, you should always bear bankroll considerations in mind when choosing slot games to play.

The Final Spin on Slot Machine Tips

There you have it! 5 ways to get the better of slots over the long-term. These tips, tricks and slot strategies can help you to walk away a winner when you play slots at the casino. Be advised that there are no failsafe ways to ensure big wins on slots since these are games of chance. If you want to get some practice you can always choose free slot machine games to play at*. They are a great source of entertainment being at the same time a perfect way to understand slot machines tactics.


*All games available at are not based on real money, they are for entertainment purposes only.

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