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When is The Best Time to Play Slots?

Slot machine games are instant win games. You deposit, pick your paylines, and click the spin button. Players have no way to influence the outcomes of slot games, since they are determined by random number generators (RNGs). This begs the question: is there a best time to play online slots? Gaming experts have pondered this question long and hard.
Several slots theories pepper the literature on this topic. One theory which has lots of support from the slots playing community is the ‘Inverse Correlation Theory.’ Simply put, when the number of slots players increases, the likelihood of any one player winning decreases. This theory is like the probability analysis associated with bingo and keno games.

Should You Play Online Slots During Quiet Times?

When there are plenty of players, you are less likely to win compared to win there are only a handful of players. Let’s imagine that 1,000 people are playing the CaesarsGames.com favorite Beautiful Bandits slot. For simplicity’s sake, disregard bet sizes and evaluate outcomes based simply on player numbers. If payouts are randomly made, a single player has a 1/1,000 chance of winning at any time. That translates into a 0.1% chance.
Now imagine that the casino is experiencing a quiet spell and there are simply 100 people playing this online slot game. The chances of winning are now 1/100, or 1%. In other words, you are 10 times more likely to hit the jackpot when the number of players decreases from 1,000, to 100. Of course, this theory does not hold water since it oversimplifies the conditions required to win jackpots and prizes on slot machine games. Most of the time, the size of your wagers determines payouts.

Should You Play Slots When You Feel Lucky?

Your better judgment may be telling you that this is nothing but gobbledygook. However, slots are games of chance. The only thing that determines whether you win or lose is luck. Sure, you can pick the online slots game, choose your preferred RTP, and modify your bets accordingly, but ultimately its Lady Luck that smiles on you when those jackpots start flowing. This is the second theory on the best time to play slots games. If you’re feeling lucky, there’s no reason not to play online slots games. You may bring that good fortune with you to the casino.

When is the Best Time to Play Slots – Morning, Noon, or Night?

This is a tricky question since there is no clear answer. If you’re at an Atlantic City casino, or a Las Vegas casino, the evenings are typically filled with eager revelers. People play slots before dinner, after dinner, before shows, and after shows. There are even slots players hogging the machines in the early hours. When it comes to online casino slots games, it’s even more difficult to gauge busy times. Since online casinos are not limited to a fixed physical location where players congregate – anyone, anywhere can participate at any time.
It’s always a great idea to play at a social slots casino like CaesarsGames.com, since winning comes naturally to all players. It’s free to play, and you can power up your Android, iOS, PC or Mac at your leisure. The best time to play slots is rehttps://www.caesarsgames.com/2018/07/09/when-is-the-best-time-to-play-slots/ally any time you want. These are chance-based attractions after all. People have won massive jackpots during peak hours, and others have scooped up incredible prizes while casinos are empty. In terms of enjoyment potential, you may be the type of player who prefers the hustle and bustle of a packed house. Alternatively, you may enjoy the peace and tranquility associated with quiet times at the casino.

Do Casinos Change the Payout Rates during the Day or Night?

Here is a humdinger – casinos, social slots hubs, and online casinos do not adjust the RNGs based on the time of day. Slots are subject to fixed payouts that are independently audited by the authorities. That’s the good news. You can play whenever you want and perhaps a little leprechaun’s luck will come your way when you are ready to spin those reels!

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