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Slot Tournaments: How They Work & How to Win

Have you ever played or considered playing in a slot machine tournament before? Slot contests is a great way to increase the excitement while you’re trying to win and aim towards becoming the champion. Plus, being able to compete against other players makes it even more fun than your regular game play, especially if you’re a competitive person. Some people believe the recognition they get when winning is equally rewarding, if not more important than the contest prize itself. Whereas some people just care for the award, and there are others that just want to be able to beat the last contest score they got.

If you’re new, don’t worry, not a lot of skill is required to take part, which is one of the great things about it. That way everyone has an equal chance to win, no matter their experience level. Just like when you normally play slot machines without a competition, one’s luck has a lot to do with becoming the champion. However, there are some strategies out there that can help increase your chances. In this article we’ll go over slot tournaments in general, as well as some tips that can come in handy the next time you’re up for the challenge.

What are Slot Tournaments

What are slot tournaments you ask? Slot tournaments (or contests) are a way for you to be able to compete against other players in order to receive a coin prize. Just like with any slot machine, you spin like you always do, but each time you win, you receive points. The more you spin and win, the higher you will rank, which will increase your chances of winning.

Usually there’s some sort of entry fee, so it’s a good idea to find out the buy in cost beforehand, and make sure that it’s the only fee required. On top of that, it’s important to find out how the specific contests works as they can be running differently than other contests you may have played before in the past. For example, on contest may have a 100-person cap where everyone is required to pay $100 to enter, meaning the total grand prize would be $10,000. However, the number of winners and the prize amounts that are distributed for each rank can be different from another.

For example, here at Caesars Casino online we host free contests all the time in which you compete against other players in your level range. Once you are in a contest, you’re competing in real time, which means that you and other players are spinning to move ahead of each other at the same time. Each of our contests have a pre-defined number of winners and the win amount varies between rankings. Some contests can be played on more than one machine; however, some are limited to only one machine.

For the real casino contests that require a certain amount of money to enter, the casino will usually give everyone competing a certain amount of credits they can use so that everyone has an equal chance. That means everyone pays the same amount as everyone else, therefore no one can get more credits than someone else. The length of time for the contest usually vary, however sometimes they are two 15 minute rounds where everyone is required to play on the same type of machine. They have press the spin button manually each time, therefore there is no auto-spin feature allowed. That means as soon as the contest begins, you will have get ready to press the spin button over and over again, as fast as you can before the time is up. Once the time has run out, the winner(s) are the ones with the most amount of credits earned from their machine.

Some contests are broken up into a bunch of small ones leading up to the final round where the grand prize is won. In order to get into the last round, you usually have to reach a high rank in the other contests in order to advance. This means the prize pools for these kind of contests are usually pretty big. Sometimes the prizes are not just for the people that rank the highest, but there is also some sort of rewards for those who rank in the lowest spot.

Some of the bigger ones take place over a longer period of time with many smaller ones leading to a final round where the big money is won. In these contests you generally need to rank high in order to move on to the next stage. The advantage of this structure is that you tend to get much bigger prize pools.

How to Win Slot Tournaments

Now for the big question a lot of people will ask is how to win slot tournaments? First of all, there’s no guaranteed way to win, however there are some strategies for making the right moves and playing smart.

  • Spin Repeatedly for starters, it’s a good idea to concentrate and press the spin button repeatedly in order to keep the reels spinning constantly. If you break your concentration, you can lose some precious time. Pressing the spin button over and over again can become exhausting, so be sure to take advantage of any rest periods you may have between spins.
  • Spin Max Bet don’t forget there’s a time limit and that your credits during the contest cannot be redeemed, therefore you need to make sure to use all of them before the time runs out. Playing max bet not only lets you spin your credits faster, but it also means you will get bigger wins each time you get a winning payout, therefore you will gain more credits this way and rank higher.


  • Play All Paylines if the slot machines you’re competing is a multi-pay line, be sure to play all of them, because if you spin on any less, you may end up lacking on tons of potential credits whenever you hit a line that you didn’t play on. This also increases your chances of winning for each spin.


  • Wait to Celebrate so that you don’t get distracted from spinning the reels, which is very important to focus on, therefore wait only until the end of the contest to celebrate.

If you haven’t played in a contest before, we hope you’ve learned more about them and got a good understanding of some the strategies that could help you. If you’ve never played in one before, or if you would like to get some practice in before you gamble for money, we highly encourage you to compete in some of our free contests at Caesars Casino online.  We recommend you to check out some of our free slot games . Not only is it good practice, but it’s a ton of fun!

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