Penny Slots

What if you could win a progressive jackpot worth millions after betting less than five hundred bucks?

That is the exact idea behind penny slots! These slot machines are played at one cent per line, adding up to just a few pennies per spin. Prices of penny slots have remained low, though now cost between 25 cents to even 50 cents per line. The remarkably affordable appeal of penny slots has only risen over the years. Today, penny slots can be found free and for pay in both online and land casinos. This article will cover how penny slots work and everything you need to know to win!

How Penny Slots Work

Penny slots function just like traditional slots – put in a penny and hit a button (or pull a lever) to spin the reels. End up with the right combination and you could win HUGE. The truth is that most penny slots do not cost only a penny anymore, and each wager is more likely to cost a dollar due to the number of paylines.

Understanding Paylines

Penny slots started out with a single payline with three matching symbols to get a win. Now you can enter the paytable of a slot to see multiple paylines of varying shapes, zigzags, and turns listed next to the wins they bring in.

Paylines determine the types of prizes, bonuses, and features that get triggered as well as what each spin wins. Special symbols might trigger a jackpot or free spins, or even a mini game. Some slots allow you to choose which or how many paylines you wish to bet on, while others may automatically wager on all available paylines. Choosing the number of paylines is considered ‘free slots’ while betting according to a set amount of paylines is called ‘fixed’.

Free vs. Fixed Slots

Aside from cheaper wages, do free slots have an advantage over fixed ones? The answer to that is simply up to personal preference!

No, free slots are not free to play slots. Instead, ‘free’ refers to the option of choosing the number of paylines you want to activate. Fixed slots have a predetermined set of paylines that cannot be changed. You have to pay for these paylines, but you can still control how much you bet.

Understanding RTP

For each bet you place, you can expect a percentage back over time. This is measured as return-to-player percentage (RTP). This is not a guaranteed win amount; however, it is a terrific way to judge whether to play a slot. Your best bet would be to find slots with higher RTPs (over 96%).

Progressive Jackpot Penny Slots

Some penny slots are linked to progressive jackpots connecting games around the world. When imagining the wonders of betting a few bucks and winning thousands from a penny slot, progressive jackpots are what come to mind. Numerous people have recorded winning big playing penny slots at a minimal cost.

Progressive jackpots are attractive, and often tempt us to play for a shot at a life-changing prize. Grand prizes can be in the tens or even hundreds of thousands and considering the amount you put in each time you bet, it’s no wonder these are some of the most popular slots out there.

If you choose to play one of these slots, be sure to check the paytable, as it will show you how to access the jackpot. Some games require spinning on max bet to get access, while others may involve a combination of symbols to trigger a feature.

As attractive as penny slots may be, be sure to watch how long you play for the jackpot because your wallet might run empty before you know it. We recommend budgeting before beginning to play so that you do not blindly chase the win. On the flip side, smaller jackpots do exist, with some games having more than one available. Find slots with jackpots you have fun playing for and designs you enjoy!

So, can you win big from penny slots? Yes! Nevertheless, how much can you really win with pennies? It is important to always read the paytable and spot the maximum payout. Be sure to read any fine print so that you know how much you can truly take home. With some penny slots linked to huge jackpots, you can access even larger wins!


Overall, you’ve learned that penny slots are just cheaper slots that can be linked to progressive jackpots! Remember to always read the paytable, that jackpots (and slots as a whole) take time to win, and to plan your wagers in advance. It would be a shame to play and miss a jackpot because you didn’t check how to trigger it! Know your paylines, special symbols, and maximum payouts before you start to spin and check to see if penny slot progressives are better than classic progressive slots for yourself.

Penny Slot FAQ

  • Do penny slots really cost one penny?

    They used to! Modern slots have gone up in price and now cost closer to 25 or 50 cents. Additionally, growing amounts of paylines in slots make each spin pricier, as you pay the 25 cents per payline you bet on.

  • Are dollar slots better than penny slots?

    Penny slots have a significantly lower RTP, or payback percentage, than dollar slots. With modern slots consisting of many paylines, you can easily pay the same amount on a penny slot as you would a dollar slot though your payout on the dollar slot will be greater.

  • Can you win big on penny slots?

    Yes! Some penny slots are linked to huge progressive jackpots and lucky winners win BIG when these jackpots get hit. Progressive jackpots do take longer to trigger, so consider whether a progressive dollar slot or dollar slot with fixed jackpots may be a better investment for you.

  • Does Vegas have penny slots?

    Yes! There are plenty of penny slots available all over Las Vegas.

  • Are penny slots worth it?

    They can be! Some penny slots trigger huge wins though overall, dollar slots pay more for your input. In terms of entertainment, penny slots are worth it for those wh