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How and When Do Slot Machines Payout? The Ultimate Guide

Since the very beginnings when the slot machine was first introduced to the public, it has become a favorite casino game to play among millions of people from all over the world. Dating back since 1895 when the great mechanic from San Francisco named Charles Fey built the first three-reel slot machine. Since then, they’ve come a very long way to become what they are today. Believe it or not, the payouts on slot machines weren’t always in the form of money, but instead, some of the first ones rewarded people with bubble gum as well as other kinds of merchandise.

Slots are ever-increasing and you can literally find them located at every casino location you go to. It’s by far the most popular casino game in the U.S., and let’s not forget about our friends down under, in Australia, there are more slot machines per capita than in the States. Even with the continuous grow in popularity, not too people understand how the games actually work or what their chances are of walking away a winner. Perhaps you haven’t been winning much lately, or better yet, maybe you’ve been on a long winning streak, but you don’t understand why sometimes you win, or why sometimes you lose. It’s okay if you’re not sure how do slot machines payout. In this article, we’ll be discussing how and when the payouts occur.

When Do Slot Machines Payout

So the big question you might be asking yourself is, “when do slot machines payout?”. But before we answer this, you need to understand how they work first. The good news is, no matter what kind of slot machine you play, they all function pretty much the same. Simply place a bet and hit the spin button. Sounds simple, right? But what happens inside the machine? Inside there’s a computer chip which randomly determines the outcome for each spin.


These computer chips are called Random Number Generators (or RNGs). How they work is by constantly cycling through thousands of different number combinations, and only stopping whenever someone presses the spin button. All the random numbers are connected to a symbol. If the symbols on the reels create one of the eligible combinations needed, a payout is granted.

Once the reels have stopped spinning, the player’s results will be displayed.

RNGs are intended for regulated casinos and are tested regularly to ensure fair gameplay for everyone who plays on them. This is important to understand because a lot of times you will hear people talk about machines that are on a hot or cold streak, however since the RNG is in place, there’s no such thing. There’s nothing that can alter the outcome of the spins, therefore each one is unique. The question of when a slot machine is due for a payout is based solely on a matter of chance.


Paylines, also known as winning lines or betting lines, is when you have a combination of symbols positioned in a specific way that triggers a win. The first slot machine, the kind that Fey invented (or known as classic slots), had only one payline on a 3-reel machine, therefore the winning combinations had to appear in a straight line. Since then, slots have been created with multiple paylines which allows players to have additional ways of winning. Each machine has its own unique paylines, so it’s a good idea to understand how many are on the game you’re playing and what the various combinations are by reviewing the paytable. For 5-reel machines, there are usually around 30 to even 100 different paylines available. You can even find some with a whopping 243 paylines which creates up to 1024 ways to win!

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